Nigar Samed-Zade (Nika)

Nigar Samed-Zade (Nika) is an Azerbaijani artist, raised in Copenhagen, Denmark (where she is currently based), with experience working, studying and living in Azerbaijan and Spain. As an early teen working with dance, performance, theatre, and art, she gained experience internationally. She dropped out of ADA (Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy) and AZI (Azerbaijan Oil Academy) to pursue a career in contemporary art, whereafter she relocated to a Danish folk art school (Kunstøjskolen Holbæk) which led to an internship in Yarat Contemporary Art Space, where she exhibited her first multimedia installation, curated by the artist and photographer Sergey Bratkov, together with other established and emerging artists. Her next exploration was a hybrid documentary film shot in Azerbaijan about the hyper sensations of the global and local environment, which she edited at Filmhøjskolen Møn in DK, where she gained experience in the film medium. At the moment she is a part of the art collective “Artem” in Copenhagen, as well as a feminist/equal rights community where she is art directing a short campaign film about women in violent relationships. She is concerned with social, traditional, and equal rights issues in an Azerbaijani and global context, which she wishes to involve herself in further through art and art talks.