Aysel Amirova

Born in Baku in 1991. Visual artist based in Baku. She earned her BA in Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art, faculty of graphic design. At the same time started to study in Princess school of Traditional Arts(PSTA), took ceramics and batik classes. Finished composition, history and technique photo courses. She took part in art residences FEST I NOVA 2016, in Art Villa Garikula, Georgia. Platfrom ART PROSPECT art residency program, Dushanbe art ground, CEC ArtsLink in Tajikistan in 2017. She has participated in major group shows, in Baku at YAY gallery experimental group exhibition; in center of Contemporary art gallery; Yaradan gallery; Global village in Abcoude, Netherlands; "Deniz Ati" gallery, Istanbul; The 2nd Gabala International Art Festival, Azerbaijan; Art café and gallery Room Baku; in ARTIM contemporary art space, Baku; The 1st and 3 One Caucasus Project , Documentation , Workshops, Tseraqvi, Marneuli, Georgia; Aysel Amirova’s work ranges from drawing to modern art, installations, photography and poetry. By trying mixing media she is concentrate more in environment , to show her thoughts and life experiences in visual way, how she accept and live through the life and situations She is trying to find new medias and ways to show the beauty which surrounded us everywhere in life.